About SU Chaplaincy

Chaplains provide social, emotional and spiritual support to school communities. They are in the prevention and support business; helping students find a better way to deal with life issues. They provide a listening ear and a caring presence in the school, available for all students, staff and families.

SU CHAPLAINCY models the compassion and unconditional love demonstrated and
taught by Jesus, as recorded in the Bible. Chaplains will be sensitive to, respectful of, and available to all regardless of beliefs or religious affiliations.

Chaplains support the school community in six key dimensions, which we call the Chaplaincy model of care:

Act as a role model for students and assist them to develop supportive relationships for, with, and among students.

Provide an additional dimension to the school’s care, guidance and support of student’s with spiritual and/ or religious needs.

Assist students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills that support learning, positive behaviour and constructive social relationships through social skills programs.

Assist with classroom activities where involvement by the chaplain provides further social, emotional or spiritual support for those students who may be at risk of disengagement.

Participate in general school activities including camps, excursions, sports day or coaching team sports.

Chaplains are also expected to play an active role in the LCC, working to develop the Chaplaincy service and making a positive contribution to the work of SU CHAPLAINCY in the district.


The strength of our Chaplaincy program is the way it operates in partnership between the school, the local community (represented by a Local Chaplaincy Committee) and SU CHAPLAINCY.

Chaplains are:

  • Employed and professionally supported by SU CHAPLAINCY;
  •  Work under the day to day direction of the school principal, in accordance with State Departments of Education Chaplaincy guidelines; and
  • Supported, guided and resourced by the Local Chaplaincy Committee (LCC).


  1. Apply online here at any time.
  2. Applicants will receive an online notification that your application has been received. Please use the ‘contact us’ tab if you have not received a lodgment response within 24 hours.
  3. Applications are assessed once they are submitted. Qualification Checks & Blue Card checks, as well as referee checks, are all conducted. It is imperative for these documents to be uploaded to move to the next stage of the application process.
  4. Download a copy of the SU Australia school chaplaincy role statement for your reference.

There is a significant need for Chaplains in rural and remote communities of Queensland. We would urge you to give serious consideration to applying for a position in these areas. The Department of Education may offer a waiver for rural remote positions so that chaplains can study the minimum qualifications while they work. 

Chaplaincy Positions are now available.

See the current vacancies here

SU Chaplaincy is a division of Scripture Union Australia Ministries Limited ABN 74 009 669 569.