Completing your Application


Addressing the Selection Criteria

  • All Selection Criteria should be addressed. A paragraph or two per criteria is usually sufficient.
  • When completing the Chaplaincy selection criteria be mindful of the audience you are directing your responses to. The interview panel for Chaplaincy is comprised of the school Principal, the LCC chairperson and SU CHAPLAINCY staff. Ensure that your language is suitable and understandable to a broad range of people with varying faith and non-faith perspectives.
  • When completing your application, please keep in mind that you are applying for a position in a State School.
  • Address each criteria individually. You may feel some of the criterion overlap, but please address each criterion separately, and provide a specific example that demonstrates the required competency.
  • Show evidence for how you meet the selection criteria by offering specific examples of your experiences in working with children and young people. Include personal examples relevant to each area of the selection criteria which display your actions and responses.
  • If you have not had experience working in schools it is helpful to familiarise yourself with relevant policy see here.

First round and School based interviews

  • Please arrive ten minutes prior to your interview.
  • Candidates will be asked questions relating to the Selection Criteria. Please ensure you give informative, relevant and specific responses.
  • Panel members may come from a variety of faith perspectives, so ensure your language and terminology is appropriate and accessible.
  • Read more information here in the Chaplain Interview Guide