Applicants for Queensland Chaplaincy positions must hold a current “Blue Card” issued by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General for the purposes of child-related employment.
Chaplains must hold a current and valid Paid (“job ready”) or Exemption Card to work in schools. Details on how to register an account with the Blue Card Services and apply online are available here.
If you are a registered teacher or sworn police officer, you will need to hold a valid and current exemption card. If your card does not have an expiry date, you must renew it by 31 August 2023 or it will automatically expire.
SU Chaplaincy will not employ any applicant until we have either:
A copy of the applicant’s valid Paid (Job Ready) Blue Card on file; or
A copy of the applicant’s valid Exemption Card on file, where the applicant is a registered teacher or police officer.
Blue Cards and Exemption Cards are issued by the Blue Card Services once a Working with Children Check has been carried out. If a person is deemed to be eligible, they are issued with a positive notice letter and a Blue Card or Exemption Card.
Most online applications for people with no police information should be processed within five business days. It might take longer if further information is required or if police or disciplinary information is received.

If you are applying and live outside of QLD, please contact to discuss your interest and the relevant checks.